ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning


What is ERP Software?

ERP Software is basically your single system that can provide different modules for all aspects of a business. Some ERP software is also considered as open source ERP software. With open source ERP software it can provide the customization that may be needed for your environment. It provides the flexibility that may be in demand. Today, ERP software is beginning to integrate web services within the application itself.

ERP Software Benefits

Because every ERP software package is different many of them still share some of the most common benefits that can be achieved by implementing ERP software in an environment. Here are some benefits that could be acquired in an ERP software package:

  • Single system to manage many of your business processes
  • Integration between applications functions
  • Reduce overall management costs
  • Increase of return on investment
  • Open source infrastructure

These are just several benefits that you may achieve by implementing ERP software for your business. Since there are several ERP software packages available, it is always a good ideal to make sure you've determined your ERP requirements and implement a trial version before you choose your ERP software solution.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can provide your business the integration between existing applications or to replace multiple applications to increase the efficiency of your daily business processes.


Our ERP solutions seek to streamline and integrate operation processes and information flows in the company to synergize the resources of an organization namely man-power, material, money and machine through information. With a deep understanding of the leading ERP and enterprise applications available in the market, our consultants can guide you through the selection process and help you select the right software and hardware fits.
We provide world-class trained consultants for design and development services. Our consultants can document requirements through system audits and studies. We service the entire life cycle of an ERP implementation project, right from system analysis and design to process modeling, development and post-implementation support. 

ERP implementation Phases:

Project Initialization, Evaluation of Current Processes, Business Practices, Set-up Project Organization.

Accepted Norms and Conditions, Project Organization Chart, Identify Work     Teams.

Map Organization, Map Business Process, Define Functions and Processes, ERP Software Configuration and Build           ERP System Modifications.

Organization Structure, Design Specification, Process Flow Diagrams, Function Model, Configuration and System Modifications.

Create Go-Live Plan and Documentation, Integrate applications; Test the ERP customization, Training, Trail Run.

Testing Environment Report, Customization Test Report and Implementation Report, Reconciliation Report.

  • On-site and Remote Post-Implementation
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Remote System/Database Management
  • Application Maintenance

We specialize in all major ERP products including SAP, Oracle, etc.

ERP Solutions

  • Construction ERP Solution
  • Retail Business ERP Solution
  • Retail Chain ERP Solution
  • Manufacturing ERP Solution

We invite you to explore our products and services. If you would like more information or have any questions or comments, please contact us.


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